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The Joe Rogan Experience Ambush 🎙

My take on the recent attacks on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast:

We're in a day & age where FEELINGS over ride logic...

Where a once predominantly open minded society, gets highjacked by agenda based censorship...

People are so near sighted by their own personal experiences, they can't see far enough to recognize when someone is pulling their heart strings...

My condolences to all who have lost loved ones to COVID, but are they victims or casualties?

A wise man once told me,

"If you want to get to the bottom of it,

Just follow the money"

And the The Bible says:

"The Love of money

is the root of all evil"

From Local to Global

"Can it really be a mere coincidence that Covid-19 appeared in close proximity to the only known laboratory in the world that was specialized in experimenting with the SARS virus, a close relative of Covid, in China, a recorded developer of deadly bioweapons?"

Can it really be mere coincidence that preceding the initial out break, that then-President Trump waged a Trade war against China slapping billions of dollars of tariffs on Chinese goods?

With dinosaur artists like Joni Mitchell & Neil Young throwing their weight around in attempt to cancel Joe Rogan's Spotify platform, has anyone considered that this is over the alternative views on vaccines developed and released within a year of an outbreak, that prior to this, usually take 10-15 years to develop?

I would be amiss not to mention the multiple cases of adverse side affects reported by recipients of this flash vaccine... Do people honestly believe "Operation Warp Speed" was motivated by the health and welfare of the people and not by money, power & control? Well... God bless you and your country... All I know is, if ultra censorship succeeds, where alternative views are attacked & motives are never brought into question, it's gon get darker a lot faster round hurrr... And it smells like volunteer communism to me... So, we got wha we got comin' to us...

Got Jesus?

-J.Will Guide the Wheel

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